Important Information

All Youth Membership Enquiries will be forwarded onto the nearest group to your postcode. Please be aware that at the moment most groups have waiting lists. Our waiting lists will always be organised by birthdate in order to ensure that we do not have any empty spaces in our groups. The groups will be in contact with you regarding any delay.

Be aware all groups now have extensive waiting lists for ages 6 to 10 1/2. We ask to only contact us if your child is over the age of 5. 

Due to a shortage of volunteers, there are currently 30,000 young people nationally waiting to join the Scouts. If there is a waiting list for your local Group – why not help out? Whatever your skills and availability, there will be some way you can contribute, meaning more young people get to experience the adventure of Scouting.

Any enquiries from outside Cheadle, Heald Green, Gatley and Cheadle Hulme will be contacted by a member of our team first, we can not deal with any enquiries for groups outside our district. You may find it useful to contact a group closer to you;